I adore creating fresh arrangements and sharing locally grown flowers with my community. Once a month, I will pick out one of my favorite seasonal flowers and create a design to let them shine. Minimalistic, yet impactful, this style truly showcases and celebrates the blooms that our local farms so lovingly grow.

Local Design of the Month

It probably comes as no surprise, but I love essential oils. For all you fellow oilers out there who appreciate beautiful looking blends, I am now making rollers with organic dried flowers and herbs. These come without oils so that you can create your own DIY blend in this unique vessel. And if you aren’t sure what recipes to use or are new to oils, I will include four of my favorite simple recipes with each set of four rollers.

DIY Essential Oil Roller Kit

coming fall 2021

I will occasionally offer speciality pre-made dried arrangements created from small-batches of flowers throughout the season. These range from modest arrangements to large statement pieces that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy for months or even years to come. 

Dried arrangements

I offer pressed designs both for bouquets and flowers I have specially selected and pressed over time in the studio.

Pressed flower art

Here's how you call dibs on the incoming floral goods.